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The Marshall Plan was when The United States gave Germany and Japan a Blank Check, and told them that they could have as much money that they wanted. However, there was one thing that both countries had to do: they both had to become Democratic. Japan and Germany obviously agreed to this, because they were destroyed by World War 2 Regarding Japan, they also received economic aid, but NOT the Marshall Plan. The aid for Japan consisted of the Economic Reconstruction in Occupied Areas,(EROA-prog) and Government and Reflied in Occupied Areas (GARIOA-aid). These two programmes did not better the economy significantly, and Japan still suffered from inflation and the dollar-gap created after WWII. Therefore, Mr. Dodge was dispatched to Japan in the beginning of 1949 to make the Japanese economy blossom with his. The Marshall Plan was implemented in West Germany (1948-1950), as a way to modernize business procedures and utilize the best practices. The Marshall Plan made it possible for West Germany to return quickly to its traditional pattern of industrial production with a strong export sector. Without the plan, agriculture would have played a larger role in the recovery period, which itself would have been longer And the logic of a Japanese Marshall Plan (if Japan is as generous as the United States was 40 years ago) is that it, too, can assist in the return of normal health in the world. Over 42 months,.. This paper will deal exclusively with the effects of the Marshall Plan in . Europe and the United States; the Marshall Plan for Japan and China will not be discussed. 2. Originally, a third of this increase was earmarked for the Soviet Union but, for a variety of reasons stemming mainly from the increasing hostilitie

Der Marshallplan, offiziell European Recovery Program, war ein historisch bedeutendes Wirtschaftsförderungsprogramm der USA für den Wiederaufbau der Staaten Europas nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Im Zeitraum von 1948 bis 1952 wurden Hilfen im Wert von insgesamt 13,12 Milliarden Dollar an viele, insbesondere westeuropäische Staaten geleistet. Unter den am Programm teilnehmenden Staaten befinden sich neben den im Zweiten Weltkrieg mit den USA verbündeten Staaten wie Großbritannien. Policymakers have summoned a simple idea: a Marshall Plan for the ravaged country. President Bush compared the task to the way America fed and rebuilt Japan and Germany after the Second World.. The plan called for doubling the size of Japan's economy in ten years through a combination of tax breaks, targeted investment, an expanded social safety net, and incentives to increase exports and industrial development The Marshall Plan was estimated to cost the United States approximately $22 billion, but it was later scaled down to cost $13 billion after the plan was put into action. Secretary of State George Marshall presented the plan at Harvard University in June 1947, and it was met with acceptance by military leaders and political advisors The Marshall Plan also included a Technical Assistance Program, which funded engineers and industrialists to visit the United States, to gain first-hand experience of industrial capitalism and technological transfer. Under the same program, American engineers came to Europe, to advise and provide technical support to developing industries. After four years, the program had surpassed all.

The Marshall Plan generated economic growth by providing the necessary funds for many European countries and Japan to rebuild themselves. Much of Western Europe was impoverished at the end of. Full Article. Marshall Plan, formally European Recovery Program, (April 1948-December 1951), U.S.-sponsored program designed to rehabilitate the economies of 17 western and southern European countries in order to create stable conditions in which democratic institutions could survive

Grundzüge des Marshallplans. Der Marshallplan barg viele Motive: Guter Wille, Förderung eines starken, einigen Europas gegen den Ostblock, aber auch der amerikanischen Wirtschaft. Ein verelendetes Europa taugte kaum als Handelspartner. Mehr lesen Charles Maier describes how the Marshall Plan arose as a way of dealing with the threat of Communism in Western Europe: It was a battle for the hearts, minds and votes of the European working class. With America's peace dividend, the Marshall Plan helped 16 countries emerge from war debt, and rebuild their economies. We did no carpet bagging in the Marshall Plan, says Maier. There was no Bechtel or Halliburton. The notion was that healthy economies will. Japan, as well, benefited from deliberate US policies that allowed for almost unlimited access of Japanese products to US markets while allowing Japan to impose sever restrictions on US exports to Japan. In effect, the allowance of this sort of discriminatory trade policy had the same effect as did the direct transfer of funds through the Marshall Plan and had similarities to efforts to reduce.

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The Marshall Plan was an example of good deed foreign policy designed to rebuild Western European economies in the wake of WWII.Subscribe for great HISTORY.. At the end of 1951, the Marshall Plan was replaced by the Mutual Security Act. This legislation created the short-lived Mutual Security Agency (MSA), which focused not only on economic recovery but also more concrete military support as well. As military actions heated up in Asia, the State Department felt that this piece of legislation would better prepare the U.S. and its Allies for active engagement, despite the public mindset that Truman hoped to contain, not combat communism

Dieses Hilfsprogramm, dessen offizielle Bezeichnung European Recovery Program (kurz ERP) lautete, ging dann als der so genannte Marshallplan - eben nach dem amerikanischen Außenminister Marshall benannt - in die Geschichte ein. Was wollte der Marshallplan genau? In Deutschland mussten viele Menschen nach dem Krieg hungern. Der Wirtschaft ging es schlecht und es sah kurz nach Kriegsende so aus, dass Deutschland nicht aus eigener Kraft wieder auf die Beine kommen würde. Auch andere. For example, the plan supplied carbon black to a tire plant in Birmingham, England keeping the plant open and 10,000 workers with jobs. The US also helped to improve technology and manufacturing techniques in a number of European countries. Winston Churchill said that the Marshall Plan was the most unsordid act in history. Japan was not a. US President Harry Truman signed off on the Marshall Plan exactly 70 years ago today.. His signature saw America's bold strategy for the economic rejuvenation of Europe after the Second World War.

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  1. Class 3: Comparative Insights: Marshall Plan, Japan, and Iraq author: John W. Dower , Department of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT author: Charles S. Maier , The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard Universit
  2. The Marshall Plan: America, Britain and the Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1947-52 (Studies in Economic History and Policy: US in the 20th Century) by Michael J Hogan (Cambridge University.
  3. The Marshall Plan also institutionalized and legitimized the concept of U.S. foreign aid programs, which have become a integral part of U.S. foreign policy. Table of Contents. 1945-1952: The Early Cold War; Atomic Diplomacy; The Nuremberg Trial and the Tokyo War Crimes Trials (1945-1948) Occupation and Reconstruction of Japan, 1945-52; The Acheson-Lilienthal & Baruch Plans, 1946; The.
  4. Start studying Marshall Plan and Reconstruction of Japan- Give Me Liberty! Ch. 23. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

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  1. John Dower sees a world of difference between a shattered Japan that accepted U.S. occupation, and fractious Iraq, which continues to buck under American leadership. The U.S. did succeed in Japan, in ways that seem improbable in Iraq. For instance, an intact Japanese government surrendered unconditionally to America, lending legitimacy to the occupiers. The Japanese had suffered war since 1937.
  2. The Marshall Plan was the population name for the European Recovery Program (ERP), a massive program of foreign aid rolled out by the United States between 1948 and 1951. It involved more than $12 billion of aid, the equivalent of $130 billion today. Marshall Plan aid was intended to assist with post-war reconstruction, though it came with clear conditions that shaped the development of.
  3. What was the goal of the Marshall Plan? A. To fight the spread of Nazi Germany B. To encourage the spread of Communism C. To extend US territory to Japan D. To rebuild nations destroyed in World War I
  4. In addition to the Marshall Plan, the USA also provided assistance to Japan during the occupation period and, between 1946 and 1952, the magnitude of the transfer was roughly USD 15.2 billion (in.
  5. The Marshall Plan created an economic miracle in Western Europe. By the target date of the program four years later, Western European industries were producing twice as much as they had been the year before war broke out. Some Americans grumbled about the costs, but the nation spent more on liquor during the years of the Marshall Plan than they sent overseas to Europe. The aid also produced.
  6. The actual legacy of the Marshall Plan was a vast expansion of government at home, the beginnings of the Cold War rhetoric that would sustain the welfare-warfare state for 40 years, a permanent global troop presence, and an entire business class on the take from Washington. It also created a belief on the part of the ruling elite in D.C. that it could trick the public into backing anything.


To meet this emergency, Secretary of State George Marshall proposed in a speech at Harvard University on June 5, 1947, that European nations create a plan for their economic reconstruction and that the United States provide economic assistance. On December 19, 1947, President Harry Truman sent Congress a message that followed Marshall's ideas to provide economic aid to Europe. Congress. Marshall Plan for Moms is a national movement to center mothers in our economic recovery and value their labor by advocating for public and private sector policies that support moms. Learn More MAKING WORKPLACES WORK FOR MOMS Our new playbook for employers lays out the daily injustices working moms face and exactly what we need to return to, and thrive at, work. GET THE PLAYBOOK 100. Marshall Plan nations were assisted greatly in their economic recovery. From 1948 through 1952 European economies grew at an unprecedented rate. Trade relations led to the formation of the North Atlantic alliance. Economic prosperity led by coal and steel industries helped to shape what we know now as the European Union. Chronology . Introduction and Chronology of the Marshall Plan from June 5.

Post-World War II (WWII) Conferences and Plans: United Nations, Marshall Plan, and MacArthur's Plan to Rebuild Japan The front/first page of this document contains three edited summaries of 1) the formation of the United Nations, 2) the Marshall Plan in Europe, and 3) General MacArthur's Plan for rebuilding Japan. These summaries are set against a background of a world map for helping students. The Marshall Plan: Lessons for U.S. Assistance to Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, Atlantic Council, December 1995. 66. Some Marshall Plan-funded programs continue to this day. Germany and Austria maintain revolving European Recovery Program funds, generated from leftover counterpart funds, which support a variety of activities. A German European Recovery Program, which. Marshall-Plan, Währungsreform, Berlin-Blockade. Um den Kommunismus einzudämmen und den Wiederaufbau Europas anzukurbeln, kündigt US-Außenminister George C. Marshall am 5. Juni 1947 ein Hilfsprogramm für Europa (Marshall-Plan) an. Die Sowjetunion lehnt eine Teilnahme ab. Die Umsetzung des Marshall-Plans macht zunächst eine Währungsreform nötig. An Stelle der wertlos gewordenen. Marshall Plan money was used to buy goods from America, and the goods had to be shipped across the Atlantic on American merchant vessels. By 1953 America had pumped in $13 billion, and Europe was on the way to standing on its feet again. The aid was economic in nature; it did not include military aid until after the Korean War. Japan, the World War II adversary of the U.S. in the Far East, had.

General George C. Marshall and the Atomic Bomb (Praeger, 2016) provides the first full narrative describing General Marshall's crucial role in the first decade of nuclear weapons that included the Manhattan Project, the use of the atomic bomb on Japan, and their management during the early years of the Cold War. Marshall is best known today as the architect of the plan for Europe's. Rolling Plan for the Republic of the Marshall Islands Basic Policy of Assistance Sustainable Economic Growth and Improvement of Living Standard based on Environmental Considerations Priority Area 1 Overcoming Vulnerabilities as of April 2020 Development Issue 1-1 Strengthening of Infrastructure for Economic Growth [Background and Current Situation] The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI. Post-World War II (WWII) Conferences and Plans: United Nations, Marshall Plan, and MacArthur's Plan to Rebuild Japan The front/first page of this document contains three short summaries of 1) the formation of the United Nations, 2) the Marshall Plan in Europe, and 3) General MacArthur's Plan for rebuilding Japan. These summaries are set against a world map for helping students understand where. The Marshall Plan also ensured that removing tariff barriers that might hinder US access to foreign markets was made part of the new terms of trade with the non-communist world. Of the $13bn in.

Early Plans for a War with Japan. Between November 1943 and August of the following year, American forces captured a series of key outposts in the Gilbert, Marshall, and Mariana Islands. Under the direction of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, amphibious forces advanced almost 2,000 nautical miles, thrusting from Tarawa on the outer fringe of the enemy's defenses to within aerial striking distance of. Under the Marshall Plan, the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) distributed $13 billion in aid over four years (1948-51). Most of the funds were given in direct grants, and the rest in loans Assessment: fully explain the assessment method in detail or create and attach a scoring guide. The teacher will conduct a think-aloud and ask students to develop a t-chart to record reasons to support the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plans and reasons to oppose the these plans. Students will record this information on their t-charts

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  1. ister. Er kündigte bei einem Vortrag, den er an der amerikanischen Universität Harvard im Juni 1947 hielt, ein Hilfsprogramm für Europa an. Dieses Hilfsprogramm, dessen offizielle Bezeichnung European Recovery Program (kurz ERP) lautete, ging dann als der so genannte Marshallplan - eben.
  2. Start of the Cold War - The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan. AP.USH: KC‑8.1.I.A (KC), Unit 8: Learning Objective B, WOR (Theme) Read about the US's early attempts to contain communism through economic and military aid. Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Email. The postwar era, 1945-1950. Origins of the Cold War . Communism. The GI Bill. African Americans, women, and the GI Bill. The.
  3. Marshall Plan, the the Marshall Plan ˈMarshall ˌPlan, the a programme established by the U.S. government in 1947 to give economic help to Europe after World War II マーシャルプラン ((第二次世界大戦後に米国が立てたヨーロッパ経済復興援助計画)
  4. Why the Marshall Plan Worked — and Why It Won't in Today's Warzones A host of similar-sounding yet unworkable aid schemes are among the legacies of the one that launched 70 years ago Tuesday
  5. The Bank of International Settlements was the heart of the Stimson-Dulles-Donovan Marshall Plan that used the hoards of stolen gold to help finance their 200-year Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society agenda by enriching their insider group of banks, companies and organizations throug
  6. The goal of the Marshall Plan was To rebuild nations destroyed in World War II. Log in for more information. Added 1/31/2018 3:28:19 PM. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful. Confirmed by jeifunk [2/1/2018 8:37:25 AM] Comments. There are no comments. Add an answer or comment. Log in or sign up first. Questions asked by the same visitor. Which of the following ethnic groups.

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Wirtschaftswunder ist ein Schlagwort zur Beschreibung des unerwartet schnellen und nachhaltigen Wirtschaftswachstums in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Auch in Österreich wird der rapide wirtschaftliche Aufschwung ab den 1950er Jahren als Wirtschaftswunder bezeichnet. Das Wirtschaftswunder verlieh den Deutschen und Österreichern nach den Schrecken des Zweiten. The United Nations grew from 51 nations in 1945 to 189 by the end of the century. Because of the cold war, there was no comprehensive peace settlement after the second world war as there had been. Featured Documents. On September 25, 1790, by joint resolution, Congress passed 12 articles of amendment to the new Constitution, now known as the Bill of Rights. On March 31, 1854, the first treaty between Japan and the United States was signed. The Treaty was the result of an encounter between an elaborately planned mission to open Japan

The Marshall Plan's assistance benefited more than a dozen nations, steadied their economies, encouraged their cooperation, stemmed the spread of communism, and helped create the European Union that led to decades of prosperity and ended the continent's ruinous cycle of warfare. At 1947 Harvard Commencement, George Marshall announces Marshall Plan. Marshall, who had been invited to receive. The Marshall Plan was an American program of aid for 16 western European countries from 1948 to 1952. Its official name was the European Recovery Program (ERP). The Plan is named after the man behind it, US Secretary of State George C. Marshall, who in 1953 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his initiative. In the years after 1945, Europe was reeling from the aftermath of World War II. Marshall placed Eisenhower in control of the Philippines and the Far Eastern Section of the War Plans Division, according to Ambrose. That morning, Eisenhower had felt certain he was embarking on.

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  1. ent role in the Pacific theater during World War II. Macarthur received the Medal of Honor for his service in the.
  2. This very popular Marshall Plan brought hope and peace to many nations. For his great achievement, Marshall received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953. For his great achievement, Marshall received.
  3. Transcript of OPERATION DOWNFALL [US invasion of Japan]: US PLANS AND JAPANESE COUNTER-MEASURES by D. M. Giangreco, US Army Command and General Staff College, 16 February 1998 . From Beyond Bushido: Recent Work in Japanese Military History a symposium sponsored by the Center for East Asian Studies, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Office of International Programs, and the.
  4. Nevertheless, Marshall was the only one of those four top-level men who, before the atomic bombings, actively sought to avoid the use of the new weapons on Japanese cities or to provide an adequate warning to Japan so that noncombatants could safely flee the cities. Fiercely loyal to Truman, unwilling to write a memoir, and wary of political controversy, Marshall in the aftermath of the war.
  5. WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 -- Japan wants a Marshall Plan program of direct aid or a large loan from the United States to put her economic house in order
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British billionaire Richard Branson has called for a Marshall plan to help the Caribbean recover from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Irma, which l The original plan was to invade Wotje, Maloelap and Kwajalein at the same time, in order to knock out two thirds of the Japanese air force in the islands. Most of the other airfields, mainly on Jaluit and Mille, could be neutralized from those islands. Nimitz then suggested bypassing Wotje and Malolap,and focusing on Kwajalein, in the centre of the Marshalls. Although this plan was opposed by. Discover the world with Mapcarta, the open map. Mapcarta is the easy way to explore open knowledge from OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia and more. Your world is without borders Prince Charles has called for a Marshall-like plan for nature, people and planet, adding his voice to the intensifying debate surrounding climate change and its effects on the planet Marshall Japan(マーシャルアンプ) @Marshall_Japan マーシャル 国内公式アカウント (国内総輸入発売元Yamaha Music Japanが運営)#liveformusi

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  1. More than 150 U.S. aircraft of the World War II can be found over there, where fierce battle between American and Japanese forces left a trail of wrecks on the deep lagoon floor.. Brandi Mueller.
  2. Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority. Coastal & Community Affairs. Oceanic & Industrial Affairs. Finance & Corporate Affairs. Legal Division. Latest Posts. PROP Summary Progress Report 2020: July-December. 22 August 2021 PROP. MIMRA progressed a lot of activities during this period. Despite substantial challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, including extensive domestic and.
  3. Alle Sendungen. ARTE Journal. Das europäische Nachrichtenmagazin - Tagesaktuelles politisches Geschehen aus europäischer Sicht. Zu Tisch. Europäische Kochkunst. Essen ist fertig: Was kommt bei unseren europäischen Nachbarn auf den Tisch? Das kulinarische Koch-Reise-Magazin

Japanischer Garten. Das Ziel der fernöstlichen Gartenkunst ist es, mit Kiesflächen, Steinen und Formgehölzen Landschaften im Miniaturformat nachzubilden. Gärten im asiatischen Stil begeistern durch die Ruhe, die sie ausstrahlen. Hier finden Sie Tipps, wie Sie einen japanischen Garten planen und anlegen. 28 Nov, 2018 The Marshall Plan had been very effective in preventing the spread of communism in Western Europe and had created economically strong democratic allies for the USA. The Cominform. In 1947 communist leaders from all over the world were invited to a conference in Warsaw, where the Communist Information Bureau (Cominform) was created. This was designed to spread communism and to protect states. George C. Marshall, the Secretary of State from 1947 to 1949 provided significant financial and technical assistance to Europe after the war. Famously known as the Marshall Plan, this was a successful effort that allowed Europe to rebuild its infrastructure, strengthen its economy, and stabilize the region. International Aid Becomes Foreign Policy. Building on the success of the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Islands is a relatively small country of about 70 square miles in land area spread over an expanse of ocean of more than 700 square miles. As such we are vulnerable to a range of natural and human-induced hazards perhaps more so than our larger island neighbours in other parts of the Pacific. Recognising the vulnerable nature of our country we have embarked on this endeavour to.

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Read more about this in the December 1, 2017 edition of the Marshall Islands Journal. Hideyuki Mitsuoka, Hilda Heine, Iwao Horii, Japan, John Silk, KAJUR, Nobuaki Matsui, renewable energy, solar power. Japan funds Ebeye solar plan added by Journal on November 30, 2017 View all posts by Journal → Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in. Marshall has been celebrated by some of the world's greatest bands and musicians including: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Slash and Oasis. None of this, however, would be possible without founder and revolutionary, Jim Marshall OBE and his son Terry. Explore. 1960AV and 1960BV cabinets. The impressive 280W 1960 vintage cabinets are a combination of the enclosure of the 1960 and the vintage. Commentary. Gen. George Marshall appeared Dec. 7, 1945, before a joint congressional committee on the subject of the Japanese surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, which. Japan - their newly submitted NDC is no stronger than the one submitted five years ago. Despite Japan's status as a major global economy (and the world's fifth largest greenhouse gas emitter), they are keeping in place a top-line target to reduce emissions 26% below 2013 levels by 2030. The Japanese have access to advanced technologies that make the possibility of pursuing a low-carbon. United States plans for Central Pacific Operations called for capture of a succession of Japanese positions from which attacks could be launched against Japanese strong points such as Truk and the Marianas and also against essential lines of communication. The several directives issued for these operations defined the purposes as to gain control of the Gilbert Islands and the Marshall Islands.

The Japanese had 110 operational planes in the Marshalls on 25 January, but ULTRA intelligence reports pinpointed their location. In a single strike on 29 January, Nimitz's forces destroyed or damaged ninety-two enemy 10 aircraft on Roi-Namur. By D-day, 1 February 1944, only fifteen Japanese planes in the Marshalls were operational. The attackers therefore now had absolute air superiority. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps

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Choose one aspect of the Cold War you have studied—the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, the Restructuring of Japan, the Korean War, the Hungarian Revolution, or the Berlin Wall. Decide whether or not the events related to that aspect of the Cold War could be considered part of the U.S. policy of containment. Write clear, well-organized essay of two paragraphs explaining how the U.S. new Marshall Plan. Articles. Choose a period. Kiev Comes Up With Ingenious Plan to Save Economy: Ask West for More Money. 2 April 2017, 17:47 GMT. new Marshall Plan. World PAW Marshall & Patrol パウパトロール 自転車·サイクリング 【代引不可】 12-inch Play Ride 自転車12インチ Bike 【送料無料】 自転車12インチ ニコロデオン wheel 子供 キッズバイク 【代引不可】 【あす楽不可】 :グッズ×グッズお祝いやプレゼントにも . 美容整骨 とは? what's bikotsu. 美容整骨 とは ; 美容. 2X Faster Charging Speed. 80% in a little over 30 minutes. Industry-Leading Performance. With the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ platform—increased performance of +30%* with faster app loading, faster processor and lower power consumption. *versus Gen 5. Choose Your Style. Customize your dial and features. Gen 6 offers so many personalization options Commentary In any discussion of China and its global relationships, reference to 100 years or 150 years of humiliation of China by the West is bound to be made. Never mentioned are the 50 to 100 years of salvation from the West without which there would be no China today. China, like Egypt and Iran, is a country with a long history of 3,000 to 5,000 years, depending on how.

Translations in context of oece in Spanish-English from Reverso Context: 16 Se crea la Organización Europea para la Cooperación Económica (OECE) con el fin de coordinar el plan Marshall

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